Friday, May 31, 2013


Haven't posted anything in quite a while.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Health Care and ID's

Afordable Health Care

My Ass!

The company I work for is going to cancel their insurance, cause it's cheaper to pay the fine.
The insurance broker that lives next door informed me they are going to increase private insurance 80% and the co-pay 50%.
The government is going to "review" my fathers military disability.
My mothers doctors are no longer going to accept medic(are/aid), which is itself being cut.
Everyone sucking on the government teat will still get their freebies. (gotta buy that vote)

So, where does that leave those that work their ass off to provide for their families in the hope that one day they can retire in relative comfort.
With the way Social Security has been abused as a mad money account, even that small dream is quickly disappearing.

About the ID's

Gotta have an ID to drive.
ID to get a job
ID to get a bank account.
ID to enroll in school.
ID to cash a check.
ID to buy a movie ticket.
ID to buy cigarettes
ID to buy alcohol
ID to rent a motel/hotel room.
ID to get a loan.
ID to get a grant.
ID to travel.
ID to get a passport.
ID to get a library card.
ID to cash a paycheck.
ID to join the military.
ID when you get arrested.
ID to sign up at blockbuster.

What the fuck is wrong with having an ID to vote. I've got nothing to hide.