Sunday, October 15, 2017

This is a Post!

This is a Post!
This post proves that I,m alive.
It is a post by the blogger, for the blogger and of the blogger.
This is only a Post!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Presidential Election

How can anyone expect the government to fix a problem that they created?
Politicians have Hijacked Democracy. Pandering to our hopes and fears. Using social programs to enslave the poor and destitute, Forcing the middle class to work longer and longer hours through wage control in order to keep them from truly observing and engaging in our nations politics. The current generation is hooked on immediate gratification; they have been raised on hedonism. Without corporal punishment they have never learned that there are consequences to their actions and have since come to feel that they are entitled to whatever they want without exerting any effort.
We have sunk into a pit of absolute apathy that has allowed our ‘leaders’ to run roughshod over all we once held dear.
Stand up people, reengage, don’t hide in a bottle or be swallowed up by that damn tv. If you want to see who is really responsible for the current state of affairs look in the mirror, point your finger and scream ‘Shame on You’. Because, you have allowed this to happen rights and liberties stripped away bit by bit over the years; hell most millennials think this is normal.
Bring back regulation; back to the colleges, Wall Street, the banks, service providers and insurance companies.
Affordable health care my ass, people are not signing up because they approve they are signing up out of fear; fear of financial reprisal. You are being forced to buy a private companies product, whose cost has risen beyond what it was before the AHCA. WTF!!! Its EXTORTION damn it.
You’ve got the government investing in companies that never produce anything and the taxpayer money that was invested ends up in campaign coffers.
Federal government officials are receiving foreign funding for their political campaigns and we all know those funds come with expectations attached. How is this not considered treason?
Lately they have criticized Melania Trump for her speech, but does anyone remember the Joe Biden campaign in 1988? He not only lifted the speech, but the life of Neil Kinnock. He lied about receiving an academic scholarship to law school, lied about having 3 undergraduate degrees, plagiarized Kennedy, plagiarized Humphrey; and admitted to plagiarism throughout his entire academic and professional life.
THESE are the fucking people you keep electing. They are legends in their own little minds.  They shouldn’t be allowed to cut their own food much less be allowed to run a country.